12 november 2015 11:30 - 13:00

Schema modes, mindfulness, and compassion: A self-experience workshop for dealing with challenging patients

Workshop | Zaal 63

David Bernstein

When difficult situations arise in Schema Therapy, we conceptualize them in terms of schema modes: emotional states combining cognitions, emotions, and coping responses.  In this self-experience workshop, we will work with the new concept of schema mode stand-offs: situations that occur when the patient’s modes trigger modes in the therapist, bringing the therapy to a stand-still.  We will use self-experience exercises that I have developed, combining Schema Therapy with Mindfulness, to help therapists overcome schema mode stand-offs by recognizing and working with their own emotional reactions.   Participants will use their own cases as a basis for the exercises.  The exercises incorporate elements of mindfulness (i.e., paying attention to what is happening in the present moment, intentionally, without judging) and compassion/self-compassion (i.e., feeling moved by the suffering of another person, or oneself, with the intention to alleviate that suffering).  In my experience in workshops and supervision, these exercises enhance our effectiveness as therapists, freeing us to be more comfortable and authentic with our patients and to overcome blockages in therapy more easily.   No previous experience with Schema Therapy or Mindfulness is required.

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