10 november 2016 14:00-15:30 uur

Clinical Masterclass - Motivational work for eating disorders: When, why and how?

Clinical Masterclass | Auditorium

Glenn Waller

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There is very clear evidence that eating-disordered patients are often low in motivation to recover. However, traditional motivational enhancement approaches have been proven to be ineffective for this group. In particular, pre-treatment motivational enhancement therapy ‘block’ do not affect outcomes, even though they are very popular with clinicians. Therefore, the clinician needs to be willing to work with motivation in a more ‘fluid’ way, weaving it into therapy throughout.

This session will use case material to address ways of enhancing the patient’s motivation, including the judicious use of positive reinforcement, responding to therapy interfering behaviours, identifying when our assumptions about the patient’s motivation are wrong. It will include an example of ‘disability training’, where the clinician responds to the patient’s lack of motivation to progress by making it impossible for the patient to achieve their real motivation, but facing them with the consequences of not changing (i.e., planned descent into a real disabled status).

Deze clinical masterclass is ook interessant voor en kan van toepassing zijn voor behandelaren die met andere stoornissen werken, waarbij geringe motivatie/inzicht en/of ambivalentie een rol spelen, zoals verslaving en bepaalde persoonlijkheidsstoornissen. Dat geldt ook voor behandelaren die cliënten hebben die zich niet voor de therapie inzetten.