11 november 2016 09:15-10:00 uur

Evidence-based treatment and therapist drift

Keynotelezing | Beneluxzaal

Glenn Waller

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There is excellent evidence that cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) can be an effective therapy for many patient with different disorders. Unfortunately, there is also strong evidence that CBT clinicians (and those delivering other therapies) do not deliver the therapy in an effective way, ‘drifting’ off protocol and getting poorer results. In particular, we tend to miss out critical elements, focusing more on the ‘talking therapy’ but omitting the ‘doing therapy’ element. This talk will consider the evidence that we drift from delivering evidence-based treatments (for a range of disorders) and the reasons why we do (our own attitudes, beliefs, personality, emotions, safety behaviours, and even physiology). Finally, it will consider ways in which we might apply the principles of CBT to ourselves, to enhance our clinical outcomes.