09 november 2016 14:00-17:00 uur

Optimizing Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Precongresworkshop | Zaal 110

Michelle Craske

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Exposure therapy is an effective tool for treating anxiety disorders, but some clients drop out, and others do not achieve adequate levels of improvement. Traditional ‘habituation-based’ models of exposure will be compared to inhibitory based models of exposure. The latter models draw from principles of fear learning and extinction, and memory, and depend upon repeated functional analyses of behaviors and cognitions so that each exposure practice maximally addresses ‘what it is that the client needs to learn’. For many clients, it may be essential to learn that fear/anxiety can be tolerated, or that they can function even while anxious. Ways in which various strategies that enhance inhibitory learning/regulation can be implemented in clinical settings will be discussed, such as compound extinction, reinforced extinction, weaning from safety signals, retrieval cues, multiple context exposure, consolidation scheduling of learning trials, as well as affect labeling.

Learning goal
The first goal is to understand the inhibitory model of extinction retrieval. The second goal is to understand how the inhibitory model applies to exposure therapy for anxiety disorders. The third goal is to learn about several therapeutic strategies that are intended to enhance inhibitory learning and thereby improve long term outcomes for exposure therapy.

Working methods
Three methods will be used. The first is didactic presentation guided by powerpoint slides. The second is demonstration of therapeutic strategies using audio-visual roleplays. The third method is group discussion.

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Dutch Translation
Vervliet, B., Depreeuw, B., Treanor, M., Conway, C.C., Zbozinek, T., & Craske, M.G. (in press). Exposure Therapie Maximaliseren: Een Benadering Volgens Het Inhibitorisch-Leermodel. Tijdschrift voor Gedragstherapie.